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21st Annual MWA Pro-Am Rockfish Tournament Results


Friday, June 10th:


1st place – Carlton Edwards

2nd place – Lenny Fletcher

3rd place – Wayne Fletcher

4th place – Mark Hall

5th place – Bill Walls


1st place – Myles Meikle

2nd place – Kyle Spenser

3rd place – A. Edwards

4th place – Samantha Jayne

Saturday, June 11:


1st place – Jamie Strong

2nd place – J.B. Wall

3rd place – Carlton Edwards

4th place – Jimmy Price

5th place – Clay Larrimore


1st place – Hunter Hawn

2nd place – R.J. Stoops

3rd place – Brennan O’Connor

4th place – Samantha Jayne

5th place – Miles Meikle

6th place – Nathan Walls

Sunday, June 12th:


1st place – Jamie Strong

2nd place – Jimmy Price

3rd place – Wayne Fletcher

4th place – Carlton Edwards

5th place – Lenny Fletcher


1st pace – Audrey Edwards

2nd place – Samantha Jayne

3rd place – Myles Meikle

4th place – Kyle Spenser



The person with the most accumulated weight in competition was Jamie Strong with 47.2 pounds caught.


No one caught the tagged $20,000 “Jewel of the Chesapeake” rockfish. However if someone does catch it in the future they should contact MWA and we will give them $50 and a free tee shirt. The MWA can be reached at phone: (410) 216-6610 or via email:

Photos by Martin "Ton" Jacquette

Top photograph courtesy of Jay Fleming

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