Founded in 1973, the Maryland Watermen’s Association is a non-profit organization the represents the interest of commercial fishermen, seafood processors, wholesalers and ancillary businesses in the seafood industry throughout the state of Maryland.


For over 40 years, MWA has worked tirelessly to ensure a future for independent watermen and seafood businesses throughout the state of Maryland. Since our inception, we have worked with local and state legislatures and departments to ensure that regulations and laws are not only fair to our industry, but would help ensure the future of our state’s many fisheries and limit negative effects to the environment. We also work with industry-led groups to help improve the health of Maryland’s waterways, which includes the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay in its watershed.


Fish Fund

   The MWA appreciates the generosity of all who have donated to the “Fish Fund”. Your money helps in the fight to keep fisheries alive in  Maryland waters and to preserve the right of commercial fishermen (net, hook & line, tongers, divers, crabbers, and more) to earn a living on the Chesapeake Bay and her tributaries. Funds donated are used to finance lobbying efforts such as letter writing campaigns and other tools to educate elected officials, bureaucrats, and the general public on the importance of commercial fisheries. Those interested in contributing may send donations to the MWA, 1805A Virginia Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. For more information call 410-216-6610. As a thank you, MWA has compiled this list of donors to bring to the attention of others their support and concern for commercial fishing in Maryland. If you made a donation but your name is not included below, please call the MWA office so that we can add it to this list. Thank you very much



Danny and Joyce Beck*

David Martin

Anthony Conrad*

Russ and Cookie Spangler

Craig Mask

Jeff Deem

Edward Rich

George Husfelt

John Ritter

E. Neal Metzbower

Stuart Mumford

James Edwards

Anthony & Andrea Conrad

Richard Schubach

Matthew Ford

Cecil Hartford County Watermen’s     Association

Baltimore County Watermen’s


Jim Ressler

Robert T. Brown, Sr.

Larry Bowling

Briggs White*

Robert Woodward

Calvert County Watermen's


Queen Anne's County Watermen's


Dorchester Seafood Harvesters


John A. Angelucci

Maryland Fur Trappers

Talbot County Watermen's


Marion Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc*

Anne Rutledge Riel

Paul Springer

Sarah E. Cvach





Phillips Seafood*

Rocky Mount Cord*

JM Clayton

Vane Bros. Marine

Hogans Agency


Rose Marine

Conrad’s Crabs and Seafood Market

Courtney’s Restaurant and Seafood

Jimmy Cantler's Riverside Inn, Inc.*

Shop Cove Aquaculture*

Shop Cove Seafood*


Ocean Odyssey*



In Memoriam for

Jimmie “Bub” Roberts III


Mom and Dad*

Ashley & Harleigh Lamb

Victoria Roberts

Samantha Roberts

In Memoriam for Bob Evans


Willy Dean & Suzi Whilden

Maryland Watermen’s Association

Robert T. & Victoria Brown

Mick Blackistone

Mike Cassidy

Russell & Cookie Spangler

Barbi Shields

Sen. Roy Dyson

Patricia Gross

The Roberts Family



In Memoriam for Whitey Schmidt


Pat P. *

Jose Garnham & Barbara Lausche-  Granham*

Mick & Cindy Blackistone

Kathy Johnson

Dave & Judy Brunk



In Memoriam for Larry Simns


James Ruhle

Edward Rich

Patrick F. Noonan

Capt. James Ruhle



In Memoriam for Joseph Alexander Stone, Sr.


Denise Cifone

St. Mary’s Watermen’s Association




In Memoriam of Danny Meyer


Russ and Cookie Spangler

Anne Arundel County Watermen's


Demi Meyer

Donald & Debra Meyer

Donald Meyer II

Steve, Dena, Carmen &

     Kaylie Schleig

Sandra Meyer



In Memoriam of Bob Rhoades


Isabel Silva*



In Memoriam for

Samuel Charles Matthews Jr.


Angela Desjardins, Sharron

R. Matthews & Mitchel Ray


Leo Smith

John & Bobbie Tull


In Memoriam for James  Howes


Anne Arundle County Watermen's




In Memoriam for

James  Rodney Gross, Sr.


his children:

Rodeana Gross Bean

Patricia Gross Sessions

Glover E. Gross

Joy Gross Walters


In Memoriam for

James  Rodney Gross, Jr.


his mother:

Patricia Nick Gross



In Memoriam for

Henry T. Wilson


Alan & Sarah Wheedleton*

Burton & Betty Wheedleton

Eugene & Diane Katz*

Thomas & Shelley Mielke



In Memoriam for Frank Pratt


Cecil-Harford Watermen’s Assoc.



In Memoriam of

Jimmy "Crow" Wilson


E. Neal Metzbower



In Memoriam for Danny Beck


Ward & Cathy Holden


In Memoriam for

Harry Michael Davidson


 Kevin & Stephanie Hayutin


Top photograph courtesy of Jay Fleming

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